Barrowland Mural, Glasgow

Barrowland Mural

Martin Gray developed a mural together with The Barrowland Ballroom and Jack Arts, which was installed across the entire wall between the main auditorium bar and stage. The piece shows the relationship between performance, audience and the space that they share with an emphasis on some of the Scottish Artists who have been instrumental in Glasgow becoming a UNESCO world city of Music, who share, with their own audiences, a very powerful and personal relationship with this iconic venue. The mural itself has, over recent years, become part of the Barrowland experience.

Barrowland/Civic Room/Molindiner Burn Installation

A projected video installation examining the links between the Barrowland Ballroom and the range of communities it supports, created from black and white negative and E6 transparency based work with a soundtrack composed by the artist, from a series of recordings performed together with Bill Wells and Brian McCalpine. Commissioned for the Molindiner Burn series of artworks, curated by Civic Room director and Glasgow International board member Sarah Strang. The work was shown at the Barrowland Ballroom as part of a city wide series of events in 2016. John Cavanagh included an interview with Martin Gray and his soundtrack, broadcast on Radio 6

“A major photographic exhibition saturated with violent colour. BARRAS PEOPLE is a photo essay in the best sense, a joyous evocation of life on the street in the 21st century”.
The Scotsman